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Reviews of “Ran” from the ReverbNation Crowd Review

We submitted our demo version of the song “Ran” for review to an independent panel of listeners on ReverbNation. Here are the responses we got back:

“Good paced beat at the start which introduces the vocals well. Lots of movement and raw energy floating in this track.
Good strength to the vocal who sings with clarity and expressive action. Rolling drums and animated guitars keep everything together well.”

“The initial voice harmony was great as was the frenetic break out. All of the lyrics were easy to understand and told a great story. The change from the vocals to the instrumentals was very smooth and did a great job of maintaining the tempo. Then the follow-up vocals really added to the energy of the song.”

“This song is great, and has all of the potential to become a number one hit on the radio. This is the first ten rating I have given and I’ve been review a couple of songs now. This song has a great smooth melody and then transitions well to a full throttle pace. Even if people don’t like this type of genre of music, it ‘ll be one of those songs they will like and sing to. Excellent job.”

“Those drums that started it off really hit it off. They contributed to the rhythm so greatly. Also the vocals played really soon, this is great because otherwise it would’ve been dragging. There was some good hook saying run run run run, this is really good because it is easy to remember and will always be remembered by listeners. This had some good tempo in the hook too.”

“There was so much positive emotion in this. There was such a good strong feeling voice in the vocalist. His voice felt like he really meant it. He also had some really good lyrics that were very conscious. Those really good pitches in his chorus line were so greatly correctly put in.”

“The background beat is quite nice in this song. When the song picks up and the chorus begins, the fast paced part is good. The Repetition of lyrics means that they will get stuck in your head and want to listen to the song again.”

“Good instrument skills and strong vocals. With a great beat in the verses and an anthemic chorus this song can be a hit! i can hear it on kerrang and scuzz now. And how nice is it to hear a guitar solo and a good old break down at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed the song and the vocalist vocals range.”

“Love the vocals. Strong and definitely making it theirs. The rhythm and beat is smooth. Enjoying the percussion quite a bit to be honest. Kind of overpowers the instruments though. Lyrics are solid. The solo makes up for the overpowering percussion. Pretty solid though. Could be a little faster in the quiet parts.”

“Good beat. I like the syncopation of the melody with the drums. The vocals are very clean. I could easily see this being played on the radio. The chorus is very reminiscent of My Chemical Romance or Avenged Sevenfold. the verses are properly chilled. Very well written tune.”

“The huskiness of the singers voice works very well with the genre of song. The instruments are very well played. Over all i feel like this song could do well, the lyrics are enticing and makes you want to listen to the ‘story’ within the song”

“I am loving the punchy base line, solid beat and backing. This established a really well composed song. The various layers in the song stand out very clearly without conflicting. I personally would prefer a but sharper and punchier beat, it feels a little too soft and as if it were blurry. I imagine it being quite a hit at clubs, the entire song has very high production value.
However it needs a theme.. The Chorus is good, however by being lead by the singer who is more shouting than singing it ‘d be hard to have it stuck in your head or a song you could hum along too. Overall I believe it ‘s a good piece of work, I find no faults in it. I just don’t feel like it ‘s the leading single, maybe an accompaniment to your main song in the album. Enhance the
tune, make that more distinctive and people will be able to song along easier. You want to to be walking away with that song playing in the back of my head. Nice work, but make the chorus more unique and memorable by possibly adding a tune or something that can be hummed along too without knowing the words.”

“Very clear vocals and does a solid job of building up into high energy. I like how the song goes from slow and builds up, the drums and bass prepare you for the high energy that the chorus provides. 8/10”

“The song has a lot of rock and roll from the beginning. The guitar is strong and has a lot of loud noise busting through the speaker. The artist voice is yelling with extreme dominance. The words are powerful and speak to the listener. The sound demeanor is harsh. The song has very hard drums and stormy ballads through out the entire song.”

“Song begins kinda slow with low beats and low lyrics. Lyrics are easy to listen to and could be enjoyed by a wide variety of individuals. I like the lyrics and how the chorus picks up. THis song has a little of everything including, soft rock, pop and head banging. Great overall song. Nice flow using the different insturments. The song sounds fresh and not played out. THis song
could be played at many parties and could easily be a chart topper. I like how this song is low and easy listening but the chorus overpowers and brings out the jams and excitment. Great song!! Party on people!”

“I think this song would do well with the type of music that is popular on the radio. It isnt really main stream on the pop channels, but would do well on the alternative stations. It has a good change in tempo and there are plenty of dynamics and emotions in the song that helps the audience connect with the band. The instrumental is good, very sound. Rhythm and tones
are great. This should be radio bound.”

“Starts of quickly with nice harmony in the vocals, the modulation in the bass works well with the guitar. The introduction of the drums give the song a faster pace. When the vocals pick up the song is given a much better and faster beat. This gives the song a rocky atmosphere. The melody overall is good and the increased pace of the picked up vocals break up the song and
keep me interested. The guitar solo was also nice and upbeat, showing off the skill of the guitarist, a very good song overall.”

“This song has excellent lyrical quality. The songs lyrics are very clear, well written and relatable. The chorus is excellent and leads into a very strong guitar rift, the percussionist in this song clearly has some strong musical skills. The vocalist has excellent range for a male singer, and has excellent tone, he manages to keep good musical variety throughout the song,
which is very interesting.”


The Story of our First Gig

Shit Breaks Down

This story starts a few months before the first gig when ALLus KILLus lost their practice spot in the spring of 2011.  Soon after gaining a new location in Seguin thanks to the help of Kit and Kelsey they went back to the grind of practice.  But the band soon lost its drummer and had to hold off on playing shows. But the timing wasn’t too bad seeing how singer Jozeph Grubbs just welcomed his son Hadr into the world.

So they began working on new material and spent time in the studio recording a demo.  The band put it out into the universe to help find them a drummer.  They even listed specific criteria.  Little did they know that the universe would make Nathan Diver go out and find that exact drummer for them.

Nathan was at his long time friend Adrian Ramirez’s house when he looked over and noticed a drum set.

“Uhm, you play the drums?” Nathan asked.

Adrian looked up, “yeah, for like 10 years man.  I thought you knew this whole time”.

“I have some friends in a band that need a drummer, would you be interested?”

The Band Gets a Drummer and a Show

Turns out he was interested and the band formed in the summer of 2011.  After a little over 2 months of rehearsal the band was starting to feel ready to play live again.

As luck would have it, Adrian’s friend Summer was having a party to celebrate her birthday at a mutual friends house (Marie).  It was all set and ready to go, but the party had to be moved at the last minute.

Show, No Show?

The band had no other dates left open for mid July so they decided, “Screw it, we will play the 16th even if we don’t have anywhere to play.  We are fucking sick of this start/stop, on again/off again, shit that has been plaguing this band for years”.  So they took a gamble and kept promoting for the July 16th show even though they didn’t even have a location.

Four days before the show the band still had no location.  They were starting to toy with the idea of buying a generator and just playing out in the woods or some shit when at the last minute Erik Johnson of Jacked In Entertainment walks in.

The Band Lands a Location

2011 07-16 ALLus KILLus First gig Poster

“Hey you bitches want to play Landa Station?” he said grinning like a sneaky bastard.

“Fuck yeah we do!  We were about to play in the fucking woods next to Bilbo Baggins!”

The band visited Landa Station and began to wonder where they were going to set up.  Erik said, “dont worry about it, Jacked In has this shit covered”.

ALLus KILLus took his word for it and when they arrived Saturday before the gig, they walked in to a full stage and lighting set up.  With Chris Cobbs as the sound engineer to throw in a cherry on top.

Before The Show

After sound checks the band took a break.  Erik had driven his RV over there and the bar was convinced it was the band’s tour bus.  The bouncer said, “Hey if you guys are in that bus partying and banging groupies just make sure the door stays shut so the cops don’t see you”.

After getting a bite to eat with Johnny Meyer, then waiting in the RV doing warm ups in preparation for the show, Jozeph realized…. “oh fuck!  I said I would go pick up Andy and Megan!”

Luckily Mike Miller was there and said, hey I will go with you.  But you have to drive my car because (THIS PART IS CENSORED DUE TO LEGAL REASONS).  Jozeph said, “ok, it’s Miller time!”.

Jozeph and Mike picked up Andy and Megan, but Jozeph still hadn’t finished doing his vocal warm ups.  So the 3 passengers sat there listening to him crappily sing “do re mi fa so la ti do”.  But they were nice about it and held back their laughter.

They pulled back up to Landa Station and guitarist Travis Gallagher was walking around filming.  He was shoving a camera in everyone’s face screaming “WHO DO YOU FUCKING WORK FOR?”  (No, not really.  He was just filming.)

Josh Potter was in the RV/tour bus fighting people away from his cooler so he could save his Blue Moon.  The band finished warm ups and the bouncer came out and said, “you guys get on stage already”.

ALLus KILLus said, “we go on at 10:30.  It’s 10:20”.

But the guy kept saying it.

So the band went on and just stalled by tuning their guitars until 10:30 came around.  Then Adrian started the set with what sounded like drums of war.

The Show

The set went good and there were old friends out in the crowd throwing their support.  Too bad the band couldn’t really see through the fog.  The band couldn’t see the microphone in front of their faces at times.

When asked about the fog, Jozeph said “Actually, after the first song of breathing in dense dry-ice smoke and having it cake the inside of my throat, I was like oh fuck.  How am I even going to do this?  That shit was choking me up right at the start of the first song!  But I said screw it and just pushed through.”

But the lights were pretty trippy.  James was like, “damn man.  The lights were so intense at one point I thought I was at a Radiohead concert”.

During the second song Travis’ amp started crapping out and was making weird chewbacca noises.  Then Jozeph’s did the same.  Luckily all they had to do was give them a good kick and they started back up.

Josh just laughed and played his bass.  He knew his shit was fine.  Fucking asshole.

Adrian just stayed in the zone.  He was like, “man, sometimes the fog was so thick, I couldn’t see you guys or the crowd.  But I could kind of see the people who were wearing ALLus shirts.  I could see all these sun-moon-star symbols out there”.

Following the show the band went out among their friends and had a few beers.  They were talking up the after party even though they didn’t have a location for that yet either (yeah they are kind of bastards like that).

Luckily Jerald said, “shit you can come to my place” and one of the members of the band gave him a kiss.  Can you guess who?

The After Party

So the band rides over to the after party at Jerald’s only to find that it is completely dry.  Literally almost 50 people arrived without thinking, “oh yeah, it is already too late to buy beer”!  (We were all fucking morons.)

Instead of making it a middle school party with soda and spin-the-bottle; the party put their heads together and decided to get some goddamn drinks!  It was like they were living during prohibition and wanted to set up a speakeasy.

Dana found a bottle of tequila and amaretto and brought those, Erik brought over a giant bottle of vodka that disappeared in like 2 minutes, Josh and Adrian were hitting up parties trying to buy beers off of people, and everyone scrounged for what they might have at home.

Shelby and Kelsey somehow, some way, managed to go buy 3 cases of beer at like 2am.  (THIS PART CENSORED DUE TO LEGAL REASONS.)  Then Mike and Shelly walk in with some booze to sell.

Jozeph was like “how much cash do you need?”


That $50 appeared in about 2 minutes flat.  Next thing you know there are 100 shots sitting on the counter.

Since the thought that there wasn’t going to be any alcohol, then not enough; made everyone drink pretty quickly.  The after party didn’t start going until like 1:30 AM.  People were fucking wasted at 1:45 AM.  At 2:00 AM, the first drunks started passing out on the floor in their own vomit.

The party started winding down around 5:00 AM and then the after-AFTER party started over at Josh’s place.

The After-After Party

On the way there, Jozeph, Dana, and Jorden made a quick stop at Whataburger.  While Dana ordered and Jozeph lay passed out, Jorden was in the back of the truck dancing to Katy Perry for some random people in the drive through.  They filmed it and emailed it to him.  It is funny as hell and you should check it out:

After that, they reached Josh’s house only to have Jozeph fall flat on his face in the doorway as soon as Josh answered.  Things got even more chaotic as the night drifted into morning.

At some point Jozeph and Josh thought it would be a great idea to stick a lighter in the garbage disposal and turn it on to see what would happen.  Jorden of all people was the responsible one and made sure it didn’t happen.

Jozeph attacked Josh with a banana and accidentally hit Travis in the face with a ketchup bottle as he lay passed out on the couch. Josh and Jorden got Jozeph back by holding him down and putting their butts on him.

And everyone crashed out one by one until this kick ass night came to an end.

The next day they woke up to hearing someone say, “If you kill the hooker, she will die”.  Don’t ask.  It’s a long story…

Dark Woods

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Dark Woods:

We are not afraid to venture into dark woods. In fact we relish the idea for we know there are secrets waiting to be discovered. We wish to show others that you can face fear, make yourself vulnerable, and learn more than you ever thought possible. Art of any form is found this way. Each of the individual expeditions we take and share with the world enhances the excitement for others to make their own path. Some paths may be offshoots of the main trunk and more easily understood, or they may be a branch of a branch and scatter into beautiful complexity; but no path is wrong. We are the same tree individually seeking to be expressed as a unique fruit of life.

True, going into these dark woods will mark us out against others. For their fear translates into their fear for our safety. Not too soon after it follows that our courage will make plain their fear. They will resent this fact, you, and themselves. Still, follow your own voice and the one inside of you and forgive them for this. If you never give up, you never lose. So go on. If not for you, then for them, so they may see that they too can follow their own voices and share them with the world.

Yes, the world will tear at our clothes and at our flesh. It will break our bones, spill our blood, tangle our hair, drown us, bury us, and literally eat us. For some of us, this all seems too much to bear – believing the illusion that the horrors outweigh the beauty. Their hearts slowly become so encased in bark and stone that they stop sharing. But have trust in the results of the final push. If you never give up, you never lose.

Instead, take this hardening of the heart as a caterpillar takes itself up into a cocoon. Remember when you are hurt, it is alright to take a rest. Sleep the sleep of the infant; comforted in the embrace of your mother. Know that every morning brings a new life. Know that your heart is only changing, not hardening out of spite. Times will become dark and you will become lost in these dark woods as if floating across a clouded midnight sea where directions mean nothing. There is no sound yet your questions seem to echo all around you. But if you stay the course light will begin to break through your cocoon and what once looked like an impenetrable castle will crumble into dust. The symphony of the Sun will awaken you to the brightest day you have ever witnessed and welcome you to the rest of your life. Where you had once been cursed to crawl on your belly, you will now have become the butterfly. At that moment sharing will be easier than ever before. It will be the sun that lights up the unique colors on your wings and that simply being illumined creates joy for others.

Courage is only Trust in times where the illusion of Fear seems overwhelming. It is only your voice and the one inside that, working together, know the way. So stop and listen to the leaves rustling in the wind, listen for the water rushing against rocks – these can guide you. Learn to embrace the changes of the seasons rather than fearing them. The sun and the moon and the stars are of you. Let them complete their task in lighting up the secrets for you. Go into the dark woods. Become the butterfly.